February 10, 2018


Dear Pray-er, 

Please join me in urgent prayers for Israel—protection over all Israel and the borders (air, land, sea, and underground). Psalm 91, 121-122, Isaiah 54:17. We ask for complete restoration for both F16 pilots who were injured.

Pray for discernment, wisdom, and divine strategies for all Israeli leaders to guard and defend their nation against any provocation or invasion.

This afternoon, Pastor John Hagee shared the serious nature of this provocation: 


“Early this morning Iranian military forces stationed in Syria invaded Israeli airspace with an unmanned drone.  This drone invasion was a massive breach of Israel’s sovereignty and a hostile act of aggression by Iran.

In response, Israel sent eight fighter jets into Syria to engage in a counterattack against the drone's command post. The Israeli jets came under anti-aircraft fire from Syrian forces while they flew over Syria.  Israel succeeded in destroying their target, but in the process one of Israel’s fighter jets was hit by Syrian fire and the two pilots ejected and escaped. Nevertheless, they were both injured and are currently in the hospital. One of the pilots is severely injured.

Israel’s response to this attack was an immediate counterattack of overwhelming force. In the strongest attack in 30 years, Israel destroyed 4 Syrian command posts and 8 Iranian command posts in Syria. All of Israel’s fighter jets returned home from this mission safely. 
This morning’s conflagration was a blatant attempt by Iran to assert its dominance in the region and threaten Israel. 
We need your help to spread the truth about this attack on Israel by Iran. The international media is not showing the video of the Iranian drone that invaded Israel’s airspace. Instead, they are trying to frame the story as though Israel were the aggressor and instigator of the conflict.”  --- Pastor John Hagee


Watch the videos either on the CUFI's Web page or the CUFI's Page on Facebook and stay informed on the latest developments.

We pray for the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to continue His protection upon Israel and her people. 



Love and Blessings,




Lynne Hammond, National Director
Daughters For Zion

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